Strengthen your well-being with our 25-day Mental Health Boot Camp!


Think about it. Your mental health plays a role in EVERY area of your life: relationships, work, physical health, and spirituality. Isn’t it time you made it a priority? Join us for a brief, challenging mental wellness program with proven methods and built-in motivation!



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Created by a top-notch team of mental health experts, the Boot Camp’s rigorous and varied curriculum is hand-crafted to boost your awareness, self-control, and well-being. Each day you’ll complete 4 or 5 activities that only total the length of one episode of your latest binge program (30-45 minutes per day, best to start in the morning).

We'll give you thought provoking articles, inspirational videos, soothing meditations, and stimulating activities to experience, reflect upon, and integrate into your life. After signing up, you’ll have 30 days to complete the 25 day program. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have an increased awareness of yourself, knowledge of your healthy and unhealthy patterns, and tools to help you live your mental-healthiest life! Start today for our introductory price of $39.99. $5 from every sign up fee will be donated to mental health initiatives.



Why do you do what you do? Our array of mindfulness meditations, guided self-reflection, and educational content will help you become an expert on you, which empowers you to grow and change for the better.       


Emotions are the spice of life, but not the main course. Our psychologically proven techniques help you to understand, accept, and ultimately control emotional responses so they enhance your life but don’t run the show.


The mind/body connection is for real. Did you know mental health impacts blood pressure, food habits, and even inflammation? Our activities help you tame your brain and soothe your body.       


The Mental Health Boot Camp is designed to make mental wellness active, interesting, and fun. When you see the results and reap the benefits you’ll want to make these practices part of your regular routine.

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