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Your mental health plays a role in every area of your life: relationships, work, physical health, and spirituality. Isn’t it time you made it a priority?

Each day you will:

Complete 4-5 short, guided activities in just 35-45 minutes per day.

That's the length of just one episode of your latest binge program!

Daily tasks include:

  • Thought provoking articles
  • Inspirational videos
  • Soothing meditations
  • Engaging activities

By the time you've finished, you'll have an increased awareness of yourself, knowledge of your healthy and unhealthy patterns, and tools to help you live your mental-healthiest life!

Mental Health Boot Camp - online support for anxiety and depressionMental Health Boot Camp - online support for anxiety and depression

The Benefits of Boot Camp

Our program has been shown to help decrease feelings of anxiety, sadness and anger. After completing the 25 day course, you can expect to see the following benefits:


Why do you do what you do? Our array of mindfulness meditations, guided self-reflection, and educational content will help you become an expert on you, which empowers you to grow and change for the better.       

Emotional Regulation

Emotions are the spice of life, but not the main course. Our psychologically proven techniques help you to understand, accept, and ultimately control emotional responses so they enhance your life but don’t run the show.

Physical Health

The mind/body connection is for real. Did you know mental health impacts blood pressure, food habits, and even inflammation? Our activities help you tame your brain and soothe your body.       


The Mental Health Boot Camp is designed to make mental wellness active, interesting, and fun. When you see the results and reap the benefits you’ll want to make these practices part of your regular routine.

Mental Health Boot Camp was designed to help boost your well-being and should complement, not replace, existing mental health supports.


What Boot Camp graduates are saying:

About Us

The Mental Health Boot Camp was developed by practicing psychotherapists Chris Boyd, M.A., Brooke Lewis, Psy.D., Joanna Boyd, M.C.P., and Ryan Howes, Ph.D. It is based on a combination of empirically proven strategies from the field of psychology and related health disciplines.

Chris Boyd

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Chris Boyd holds an MA in Counselling Psychology and assists teens and adults with anxiety, depression, trauma, anger and addictions. His main goal is to help people build resiliency and strength in their lives. The reading exercises in MHBC are his favorite because they are engaging and cover a wide variety of topics. When not expanding his literal and cultural brain, he can be found appreciating foliage, sunsets, and football. Chris was a co-founder of the Original Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, and he’s proud to have raised over $225,000 for various charities over the past 17 years.

Dr. Brooke Lewis

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Dr. Brooke Lewis has a Psy.D. in clinical psychology and helps teens and adults discover hope and joy along life’s journey. She finds the gratitude practices the most compelling features of the MHBC, as she always likes to investigate, learn, and experience new things. A true artist at heart, she spends her time away from work enjoying her 1966 Chevy Pickup or reviewing such classic films as Dirty Dancing and Christmas Vacation.

Joanna Boyd

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Joanna Boyd holds a Masters of Counselling Psychology and works with children, youth and adults on a variety of issues, particularly trauma. She dreams of one day including a dog in her practice to explore nature as her clients feel understood, validated, and hopeful. She loves how the MHBC asks you to slow down and answer questions you wouldn’t normally be asked. When not devouring Harry Potter books she loves to travel and take photos, and is quite proud of her catalogue of Peruvian photos. If she wasn’t a therapist, she could probably be found as a baker or dolphin trainer.

Dr. Ryan Howes

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ryan Howes uses his Ph.D. in clinical psychology by helping adults overcome a variety of relationship and emotional issues as well as bringing psychology to the masses through writing for Psychology Today and various international projects including starting National Psychotherapy Day (9/25!). He is partial to the meditations in the MHBC because concisely address all the key points of meditation and mindfulness. While he never became the astronomer or judge he planned to be as a 10 year old, he hopes his projects still provide guidance and insight.

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